Program Application

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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 30 day(s)
    Commission type Variable, depending on your 365 day(s) sales volume.
    Base commission Starting at 25.00% and based on sales volume
    Additional terms Attention: Earn $25 promoting Player's Pass to family, friends and anyone you know who plays golf. The $25 payout is based on a 25% commission on the standard $99 retail price of the Player's Pass membership. Commissions will be paid out the actual dollar amount paid for the membership. If a person purchases through your referral plan, or through your team, or through your charity, or your influencer program, or finds your affiliate link in any way they find it, you will receive a commission equal to 25% of the price they pay for the membership. However if the purchaser uses a promotional code or receives a discount of some kind during the purchase process. Your commission or payout will reflect the exact amount they paid for the membership. For example at $99 you receive 25% or roughly $25 of the purchase price. If someone used a $25 discount code and paid only $74 for the membership you would receive the 25% commission on the $74 which would payout $18.50. Question? ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT RAISING OR EARNING MONEY WITH PLAYER'S PASS? If you said yes then you will want to understand the TIER level commission payout of our affiliate program. Especially, teams, charities, groups and Influencers!! Once you have promoted Player's Pass and your efforts achieve the sale of 100 or more memberships you hit our tier level commission. the table's reverses and you now earn 75% of the membership payment and Player's Pass keeps only 25%. Simple example would be if you sold 201 memberships for the standard retail price of $99 you would make roughly $2,500 for the first 100 and $7500 for the second 100 or about $10,000 for the total sales or fundraising effort. The Number of customers you resets itself once a year or every 365 days.